Writing Paper #2 150 pts

Writing Paper #2 150 pts
Drone Warfare
Answer the following question in 3-4 double spaced pages.
Read chapter 3 of the Drone Warfare book and relate the central theme of that chapter to each of the “4 P’s” Jentleson uses to explain US foreign policy motives and interests. Review the 4 P’s as Jentleson describes them, and then apply the major concepts of the chapter 3 to the 4 P’s.
You should explain how each of these ideas either relate to or are in contention with each of the 4 P’s, and discuss how or in what way are these goals may be working in concert with each other, or at odds with each other. Is the drone campaign as currently practiced furthering or hindering US goals and values of the 4 P’s? – specifically, which ones?
It is possible that one of the four P’s does not apply the best to this chapter, but try your best to do so.
• You do not need to cite outside sources, but if you do, cite them according to MLA or APA standards.
Jentleson’s 4 P’s

1. Power
a) U.S Interest defined as power
b) Deterrence
c) Compellence
d) Defense/alliances
2. Peace
a) Diplomacy: international institutions
3. Prosperity
a) Trade policy
b) Imperialism
c) neocolonialism
4. Principles
a) Democratic idealism
b) Soft power: the ability to attract and co-opt rather than coerce and force; cultural power/ moral authority

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Writing Paper #2 150 pts
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