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Writing Critical Analysis Essays Based on Written Texts

Writing Critical Analysis Essays Based on Written Texts

For this assignment you will need to find a copy of one of the following short stories: William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” or Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery.” I’m told by students that both of these can be found on the internet.
After you read the stories, choose one to write a critical analysis essay. Do not provide a plot summary. Assume whoever is reading your paper has read the story. In this essay, you are giving the reader a better understanding of some aspect of the story. For example, in Faulkner’s story, you may want to deal with the concept/theme of change, or you may want to discuss the cause of Emily’s problems. In Jackson’s story, you may want to deal with the concept of how members of a society blindly follow traditions.

There are several essays on the internet pertaining to the above two stories. If you use secondary sources, you must document them. However, in these essays, I would prefer your own thoughts and views.

Warning: I often catch plagiarism in this essay when two or three students plagiarize the same source. I get upset over this, for there is no reason for you to do this. I don’t like having to give zeros on a paper. Please don’t force me to do this.



1. Continue to develop an appropriate and articulate thesis in an essay using adequate support, sound reasoning, and valid evidence.
2. Plan, draft, revise, proofread, and edit to produce well-written essays.
3. Write in Standard English that is appropriate to purpose and audience.
4. Respond in writing to college-level reading material to demonstrate comprehension of author’s purpose, main idea, and organization.
5. Use library search tools to find print/non-print materials.
6. Document sources appropriately in selected writing assignments.

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