word of mouth/marketing

Extended Argumentative Essay: Final Draft

Please select a business topic from the list of topics and subsequently write a 2,000-word extended argumentative essay reporting on the results of library research, using at least six credible, accurate, reasonable, and supported sources (Harvard style). No more than 15% of the paper can be direct quotation; the rest should be a combination of appropriately referenced paraphrase and summary of the sources and your views and own ideas.

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word of mouth/marketing
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Please upload your assignment in Microsoft Word (.DOC or .DOCX) format.

Please note that all submissions will be forwarded to turnitin for plagiarism check. Cases of suspected plagiarism shall be reported to the Academic Conduct Officer; therefore, please make sure you check the Turnitin report before finalising your submission.

Topic: Word of mouth is the most effective means of advertising.
Presenter:Head of Marketing.
Audience: Board of Directors of a MNC.
Content: Board meeting.On the agenda: Should the company base its new advertising campaign on word of mouth advertising?

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