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Why U.S history

This topic lends itself to creative thinking and formation of solid opinion. It does NOT mean you can \”write anything.\”

Reflect on what you have learned about U.S. history in our course. Also reflect on HOW history is conveyed or told. How important is it to study the nation\’s past? What functions does and should the study of the nation\’s history serve? At the college level, how should the nation\’s past be presented? Are there specific themes that characterize the \”American experience\” that all Americans should know?

You can discuss any or a few of these important \”big questions,\” driving home your points with specific examples from your reading and course activities.

I look forward to reading your thoughts!


Length: Four pages. Anything under three full pages or over five full pages of discussion will not be graded. The title page and bibliography do not count as part of the three pages of discussion. [In other words, your essay will consist of about 6 pages–a title page, three pages of discussion, and a bibliography.]
Format: Typed, double-spaced, twelve point font.
Title Page: Please have a title page for your essay in the standard Chicago style. Title page is not part of the page count
Sources / bibliography:
Use and cite at least SIX separate sources. At least FOUR of your sources must be sources we have read or viewed for class. Please use a combination of secondary and primary sources.
Reliable sources outside of those used in our modules can be consulted and cited
Please underline the thesis of your essay
Consult our Canvas page titled \”History Essay Outline\” to see how the essay should be structured.
Citing sources—Treat this like a research paper. You must have both notes and a bibliography in Chicago style. For assistance with this format, see the page in the Introductory Module titled \”Chicago, Chicago!\”.
Footnotes / Endnotes: Any time you quote or heavily paraphrase a source in your paper, you need a note. Notes can appear at bottoms of relevant essay pages (footnotes) or all together at the end of the essay (endnotes). Unlike MLA, Chicago style does not use in-text citations.
Bibliography: An alphabetized list of all sources used and consulted must appear on a separate, last page of your paper. Yes–every individual primary or secondary source must be listed individually in your bibliography.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHs2coAzLJ8 ( don\’t have to watch the whole thing- relate to fascisms)


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