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Why Are Our Children Leaving the Faith?

The student will submit a topic and thesis statement for their final paper. For more information on crafting a thesis statement click here.

This portion of the assignment must clearly communicate to the instructor where you are directing your Research Paper.

Possible Research Paper topics include:

• Biblical Basis for Family Discipleship
• Worldview Instruction in Family Discipleship
• Why Are Our Children Leaving the Faith?
• Families That Succeed in Transferring Their Faith and Values
• Evaluation of a Family Discipleship Plan
• Developing a Family Discipleship Strategy
• Objectives of Family Discipleship for All Ages
• Training Parents to Be Disciple-Makers at Home
• Turning Adolescents into Disciples
• Parents as Disciple-Makers
• Philosophy of Family Discipleship
• Characteristics of Disciple-Making Homes
• Special Challenges in Family Discipleship
• Single Parents and Family Discipleship
• Alternative Methods of Family Discipleship
• Milestones in the Spiritual Development of Children
• Communicating Biblical Truth to Children
• Shepherding a Child Through the Stages of Childhood
• Teaching Children to Be Biblically Literate
• Spiritual Formation in the Home
• Family Discipleship and the Church
• Evaluating Family Discipleship Effectiveness
• The Gospel and Family Discipleship
• Strategies for Family Discipleship
• An Evaluation of Church Approaches to Family Discipleship
The Research Paper will progressively build on work you submit over the next few modules/weeks. The topic and thesis statement must be at least 3 pages. The paper must conform to current Turabian format.

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