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What Is Postmodernism?

What Is Postmodernism?
answer the question, \”What is Postmodernism?\”

Define it and consider some of the artists, architects, and philosophers who contributed to its definition. Be sure to illustrate your essay with specific artists and their works of art and specific ideas associated with the philosophers or thinkers.

\”How is it different from Modernism?\” will be a useful parallel question, as you explore how it may (or may not) be a reaction to Modernism. Additionally you\’ll consider/evaluate some of the criticisms made about Postmodernism, and note some of its positive qualities or concerns (any \”genuine critiques\” it made, \”valid skepticisms\” or questioning attitudes/doubts it raised, or \”authentic positions\” it offered in contrast to the previous era — i.e., Modernism).

Essay Question: What Is Postmodernism?
Consider some of the artists, architects, and philosophers who contributed to its definition.
Was this movement simply a knee-jerk reaction to Modernism?
Is it, as some critics have complained, merely pastiche, or speech in a dead language?
Or, does Postmodernism have som genuine criticisms, valid skepticisms, or authentic positions to offer in contrast to Modernism?

Answer the above in an essay 5 pages long (double-spaced), employing specific works of art and/or architecture (minimum of 3 examples) and reference specific ideas and the thinkers to which they were attributed.

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