What is Academic Writing?

SLO 1 Formulate a clear, sophisticated thesis in an essay.
creative, sophisticated; demonstrates keen awareness of audience; clearly established and maintained throughout.

SLO 2 Demonstrate organization and rhetorical structure to support and communicate the thesis in an essay.
Effective use of structure/mode , appropriate for thesis/reinforc es thesis
Clear sense of logical order appropriate to the content and the thesis, creative / sophisticated beginning and ending,
logical progression of relevant ideas, paragraph topics are clear and unified with purpose of overall essay

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What is Academic Writing?
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SLO 3 Generate developed and relevant evidence and analysis to support the thesis of an essay.
Demonstrates critical thinking that is clear, insightful, in-depth, significant detail, and relevant to the topic.
Use of evidence shows elaboration and explanation to show depth of idea(s)

SLO 4 Deploy appropriate Academic English, grammar, usage, mechanics, and punctuation.
Flawless and shows command of sentence structure, variety, and subtlety

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