Week 5: Research Paper Draft Assessment

Complete a draft of a 2000 to 3000 words (approximately 8 to 12 pages double spaced), properly APA formatted, academic research paper using the outline you created in Unit 4.
You may be able to adapt the research used for the annotated bibliography in this paper.
In addition to the 3 required sections for this paper, your draft should ALSO include the following:

An APA title page
Well written introduction and conclusion sections
An APA reference page

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Week 5: Research Paper Draft Assessment
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Section 1 –  Present your definition of decision making and defend it with the written works of experts on decision making.IF you did the Annotated Bibliography project correctly in week 3… you will have at least 2 additional experts on decision making to defend your definition that you put forward in this first section.

Section 2 – Here is where you discuss the life-changing decision you made and how you went about making it.  Also, you will tell the outcome and evaluate what might have made your decision better, based on your definition in Section 1.  Since this is your story, very little new research, if any, would be expected. However, your evaluation of what might have been better or why your decision was so good, would be supported again by the experts you cited on section 1.

Section 3 – This is an area that would have a significant level of research.  You should easily find 4 – 7 good expert articles that would help someone to reach a good decision if they faced the same decision you made.  Remember: This is the area that needs to really add value to the reader so that they believe that they have all of the good information they need to make a wise decision if they were faced with the same life-altering event you faced.

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