Waiting for the Dawn

Need to read the text called Waiting for the Dawn (Huang Zongxi), I provided the file. You need to answer one of the following questions in min 600 – max 700 words:
1.    With reference to the ideas of one thinker or one text, identify the ethics of leadership that is essential to a human society.

2.    Choose one thinker or text that proposes institutional change in human society. Identify and explain the reasons supporting the proposal.
The purpose of the journals is that you identify, prioritize, explain, and interpret particular ideas from the texts. You will also explore, analyze and develop them in writing. All these are activities requiring close reading and thinking; they are essential components for making reflective and meaningful judgments on the question you have in hand.
The questions require that you define accurately particular topics, while at the same time, offer interpretations that are open-ended. “Open-ended” does not mean vague or “anything goes”. It means there are more ways to interpret the ideas than just one single correct answer. Your response must regard the texts as evidence, and engage with them as the ground of your reasoning. Where evidence is partial or not available, your judgement on how to regard what is missing and the uncertainties the thinkers demonstrate is also relevant.

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Waiting for the Dawn
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