Vision Statement Paper

Conduct research on the vision statements of organizations. Find a vision statement that you feel provides an engaging picture of the future of an organization of your choice and has enough detail that others can relate to it in a meaningful way. In a paper of 750-1,000 words, address the following:
1. Explain the difference between a vision statement and a mission statement.
2. Explain how the vision statement you chose is appropriate for the organization.
3. Describe why having an appropriate vision can help an organization.
4. Does the vision statement encourage organizational change? Why or why not?
5. What is the current vision statement and how would you improve the vision statement for the organization you chose? What is the rationale for your recommendation?
6. Note that some organizations may use the term ?vision statement,? while others may use language such as ?our vision? or simply ?vision.?
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines. An abstract is not required.
Directly quoted source material may not exceed 10% of the paper?s content.
Due to its inherent unreliability, Wikipedia is not considered an acceptable source for use in academic writing.

Vision Statement Paper Grading Rubric

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Vision Statement Paper
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1) Explains the difference between a vision statement and a mission statement. 25
2) Explains how the vision statement chosen is appropriate for the organization. 25
3) Describes how a vision can help an organization. 25
4) Discusses whether or not the vision statement encourages organizational change. 25
5) Discusses current vision and how would you improve the vision statement for the organization you chose 25
6) Student prepares all answers and comments according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract was not required. 10
7) Paragraph Development and Transitions
Student?s work has a sophisticated construction of paragraphs and transitions. Ideas universally progress and relate to each other. The student is careful to use paragraph and transition construction to guide the reader. Paragraph structure is seamless. Individually and collectively, paragraphs are coherent and cohesive. 10
8) Mechanics of Writing
a) Student is clearly in control of standard, written academic English.
b) All work includes correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
c) Similarity Index is less than or equal to 10% *Instructor discretion advisable 10
9) Language Use and Audience Awareness
a) Student uses correct sentence construction, word choice, etc.
b) Student uses a variety of sentence constructions, figures of speech, and word choice in unique and creative ways that are appropriate to the purpose, discipline, and scope.
c) Assignment is within the required word count. 10

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