Unit 1 Week 2 1rst Response

There are four reasons why a company brings in objectives. These objectives would also apply within this class. By completing the objectives of this class, they will get the students prepared to follow the objectives within the workplace. The four objectives that have been prepared to make a person successful are as follows:1) they make a way to lead and manage, 2) they make it possible for forecasting, 3) they persuade and encourage the students to become better managers, and 4) they assist in making it possible to calculate and restrict the actions that may be put upon the people (Feliciano, 2008).

There can be risks when it comes to not being able to follow objectives. Some of the risks that would apply would be as follows: not being able to have clear objectives, not being able to follow and do the assignments correctly, there could be poor research, and there could be errors that occur within following instructions (Brookins, 2017). In this day and time, it is essential to follow objectives whether it be in class or in a business. There must be objectives set so that the manager can be able to lead the employees to be able to carry out their task.

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Unit 1 Week 2 1rst Response
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