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Toy project proposal paper | Education homework help

Purpose: In lieu of a fina paper you will design and create a 4-6 page proposal to demonstrate your understanding of children’s cognitive development.  For this final project, you will design a new, unique toy, for children based on your research in the field of cognitive development. You will design this artifact around a specific topic which may include ANY THREE OF THESE; memory, language, perceptual development, social cognition, conservation, problem solving strategies or skills, mathematical, or scientific reasoning, and it can be for any age. 

Introduction – You will begin with a brief review of the literature (Approximately 2-3 college length paragraphs). For this section I would like for you to cite 3-5 academic sources. These sources may include your textbook Children’s Thinking by David Bjorklund and/or articles/resources that you have found.  Your thesis statement should be an explicit statement about the purpose or goal of your activity. 

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Toy project proposal paper | Education homework help
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Activity Design 

1.  Subjects – this section should begin with the age group whom your artifact or program is designed for, and a short summary of where they are cognitively.

2.  Materials and Design – (you may wish to included a photo, graphic, or diagram here.)

3.  A description of how the activity or artifact works. How is it used? What does it do?

Expected Benefits of Your Program or Artifact

1.  How does this toy/activity help foster cognitive development?

2.  What makes it research-based?


Briefly summarize your proposal.  Conclude with a final statement about why parents/educators should utilize this activity or object.


*Please use APA format. This means you should include a title page, the body of your paper, and a reference page. Instead of using the traditional sections for APA, you can use some rendition of “Introduction”, “Design”, “Expected Benefits”, and “Conclusion”.

***Make sure to label your sections.

***Attached is a template to follow and an example of the introduction section

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