Topic: Why are most economies ‘mixed’ economies?

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Recommended Text Books:
Anderton, A. (2008) Economics 5th Edition.
Bannock, G., Baxter R. (2011) Penguin Dictionary of Economics, any edition.
Begg, D. (2009) Foundations of Economics
Conway, (2009) 50 Ideas You Really Need to Know About Economics
Gillespie, A. (2007), (2011), (2014) Foundations of Economics – use one edition only.
Gillespie, A. (2009) AS & A level Economics 3rd edition
Mankiw, G & Taylor, M. (2011) Economics 2nd edition
Sloman, J. (2006) Economics 6th Edition
Sloman, J. (2004) Essentials of Economics.
Stanlake, G & Grant, S. (1997) Introductory Economics

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Topic: Why are most economies ‘mixed’ economies?
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Academic websites
www.beta.tutor2u.net/economics – author stated except on revision notes
www.Bized.co.uk – author stated at the bottom of the page.
www.economicsonline.co.uk – no author usually
www.econclassroom.com – author stated
www.economicshelp – author stated

In Economics 20+ citations are expected in each essay

Citations tell us the author(s), publication year and page for quotes,
paraphrased work (information put into your own words) and

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