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Topic in description box: Political Science Essay on Aristotle\’s Politics and Machiavelli\’s The Prince

Both Aristotle and Machiavelli present every city as harboring two competing groups, which Aristotle calls the few/rich and the many/poor and Machiavelli calls the great and the people. Yet they treat this division very differently. For Machiavelli (Prince, Chapter IX), every city consists of two “humors,” that of the great and that of the people – full stop. No city consists of anything more. For Aristotle (Politics, Book Three, Chapters 7-9) the picture is much more complicated. Explain how Aristotle’s deference to the issue of justice or the common good shapes his treatment of the respective claims of the few and the many, and how Machiavelli’s neglect of this issue shapes his treatment of them. Also explain why it matters that Aristotle treats the many/poor as “political” (i.e., as lodging a claim to rule), while Machiavelli treats them as “apolitical” (i.e. as indifferent to rule).

*Remember also that we are looking for clear, concrete, and precise arguments firmly grounded in the specified chapters of the primary texts. You are of course free to cite material from other chapters of the Politics and Prince, but you should focus primarily on those mentioned above.

*Could use subheadings. *Could read the online books and Sparknotes of both books as reference.

Thanks! Message me if there is any questions.

Category: Essays

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