We know with confidence only when we know little; with knowledge doubt increases.  We know with confidence only when we know little; with knowledge doubt increases. Discuss this statement with reference to TWO areas of knowledge.

1. Intro – thesis, define terms for example robust knowledge, make sure grammars are clears.

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2. Body – (2 AOK), Explanation, Truth, Certainty
A. AOK 1, Belief
RLS (claim) support
My first real life situation claim is about a boy I was taught about religion and is told to accept it as fact. Then as i got older and more grown up and I learned about many other religions and and my doubt increases. So then the boy start to doubt and believe and question what I have been taught about my religion is wrong? So yes. When the knowledge that we have is limited we would have confidence, when you learn more you begin to question everything.
RLS(counter) /argue title, My argument against the title with knowledge doubt do not increase for example me knowing so much knowledge on shoes when I learn something new I just lock the knowledge in my brain and I do not doubt anything about the shoes.
RLS, I believe that it is true that we know with confidence when we know little, when it relates to religious systems, as you can see in the Islamic belief they are told not to discuss people in relation to their religion and this could possibly be due to the idea that they do not want the believers to argue as they will have increased knowledge when it comes to religion and it usually yields doubt in them and they will move away from religion
RLS, Another real life situation is with music when i was younger my grandmother made me always listen to gospel music and that was the only genre of music that i liked until i began to listen to R&B, Country Music, and Rap music and when I first heard those different genre’s of music i was like why did i ever listen to just gospel music because it was so many other better different genres of music than just gospel.
B. AOK2(repeat)History, Human Sciences
Explain my TOK concepts and how it connects to my topics and RLS.
3.Conclusion, In the conclusion i’m just going to answer my intro question as short as possible and give evidence and discuss my claims and counterclaims and how i got the answers.

What knowledge question led me to choosing those RLS, Explain TOK concepts
Knowledge Framework

4 Claims & Counter Claims


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