This is a basic film study essay.

This is a basic film study essay.

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This is a basic film study essay.
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Film TV 122B Introduction to the Art and Technique of Filmmaking Professor Rory Kelly MIDTERM #2 Available for download on Thursday, July 10 beginning at 12:01 AM PDT Due Wednesday, July 16 by 6:00 PM PDT via the class website Please respond to both of the following questions. A substantive four- to five-paragraph response to each question is required. Be sure to answer each question completely. Write in the present tense, use 12-point Times (Mac) or Times New Roman (PC) font, double-spaced, with 1.25” margins left-right and 1” margins top-bottom. Do not repeat the questions in your answers. Each question is worth half of your grade for the exam. Good luck! 1. Watch the clip from ET at the link below, then discuss how cinematography and lighting contribute to the narrative meanings and emotional effects of the scene (you must discuss both these functions of cinematography and lighting in the scene). You are expected to isolate, describe and discuss three (3) significant techniques of cinematography used in the scene, and two (2) significant techniques of lighting. Avoid discussing rote techniques like centering and headroom, as filmmakers tend to use those kinds of techniques automatically, even unconsciously. Instead, isolate, describe and discuss techniques of cinematography and lighting that seem to you to have been included in the scene by the filmmakers for very specific narrative and emotional purposes. (To answer this question it will help you to peruse Chapter 8 in Film Art: Style as a Formal System, in particular the section entitled “Analyzing Film Style.”)


2. Name and describe ALL of the techniques of setup and payoff that were covered in lesson 6. Define the typical purposes or functions of each technique using specific examples from the films we have so far watched to make your points (choose examples not already discussed in lecture). Don’t forget to cover the “rule of three” in your answer. SOME ADVICE ABOUT TAKING THE EXAM • Do not write blow-by-blow imitations of my lectures or your TA’s posts. • Remember that this is an exam and that as with any exam your TA cannot help you with the

FTV 122B Midterm #2 – Kelly – 2013


answers. You can ask your TA about any material that has so far been covered in the course, and your TA can help to clarify your understanding of the exam questions, but your TA cannot tell you when you have arrived at the correct answer to a question. So please do not ask your TA to do that for you. Still, you may ask your TA to read a draft of your exam answers so that he/she can help you with issues of clarity and let you know if you have skipped over any topics in your answers that you should probably cover. But beyond this you must devise and compose your own responses to the above questions. • Do not lift text verbatim from Film Art without acknowledging that you are quoting from the book and do not casually “borrow” material from the Internet or other sources. Quotes or ideas paraphrased from other work must be properly cited. Turnitin flags all instances of plagiarism and, as it says in the syllabus, answers that are plagiarized in whole or in part will receive zero credit. • Finally, do not copy from each other or from former students. As it also says in the syllabus, anyone caught cheating from another student, past or present, will automatically fail the course.

YOUR MIDTERM MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA TURNITIN AT THE UPLOAD LINK IN THE CLASS WEBSITE. IT CANNOT BE EMAILED DIRECTLY TO YOUR TA. Please make sure you receive a submission receipt. If you do not receive one, your upload has not been successful. It is your responsibility to ensure that your exam uploads correctly. Exams not properly uploaded will be treated as late.


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