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Thinking like a writer

Instructions: Scroll to Chapter 7 of your GRST online textbook (found in the Reading & Study folder) and complete Practice 7.7 on creating a strong thesis. All papers should have a thesis statement. Depending on the type of paper you are writing, the thesis may be more or less argumentative, more or less personal, and more or less risky. However, all papers should have a unified point or main idea that they want to discuss in a fresh, insightful way. At the end, add the thesis statement you are developing for your own paper.

Assignment Goal: Understand the difference between a strong or weak thesis. Think critically about your own thesis and how it might compare to others in your field of study. Post your completed worksheet on Blackboard.

Practice 7.7: Write a sentence or two about each of the following thesis statements. If they are weak, explain why. If they are good, explain why as well.

Note: These statements come from many places on the political, religious, and ethical spectrum. Your job is not to critique the views expressed in these statements, but to critique their adequacy as thesis statements. Remember, just as your beliefs might offend someone from a different religious background, so also might someone else’s do the same to you. On the other hand, you may agree with many of these statements but find them to be poor as thesis statements. Focus on the quality of the statement as the guiding thesis for a research paper—not on the quality of the opinion expressed.

1. It is clear that abortion ends a life.
2. Abortion is murder.
3. Abortion is the most basic of rights available to women.
4. Opponents and proponents of abortion have never had a chance to vote on its legality.
5. Abortion is legal in the U.S. today less because we believe in a woman’s right to end a pregnancy than because we have an impoverished understanding of personhood.
6. I believe that we need to educate ourselves better about genetically modified foods.
7. Some genetically modified foods are harmful; others are not.
8. Like it or not, our food is genetically modified, so we’d better just live with it.
9. This paper presents the results of my study of electronic surveillance in the workplace.
10. The changes in the Liberty University dress code have had overwhelmingly positive effects: students are more comfortable in class, parents find it more affordable to clothe their children for college, and Liberty University students appear more friendly and accessible when they enter the Lynchburg community.
11. [Insert your own research paper’s thesis statement here

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