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The Treatment of prisoners of war during the civil war and the prison camps in which they were kept. And how this affected relations between the north and south in the years following civil war

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Research Paper Due December 3, 2014 100 Points 20% of grade

Description –

You will write a 5-10 page double-spaced essay on a topic of your choice, or you may choose one of the topics listed on the handout that will be given out in class.

Method of Evaluation –

This paper should be a polished effort. Pay specific attention to spelling, grammar, proper use of citations, footnotes, and a bibliography (Works Cited page). I will be evaluating your papers based on these five areas.

Sources: In this paper, students are required to demonstrate their abilities to read a variety of sources and critically analyze them. You must use at least five scholarly or academic sources for this paper. The best scholarly sources are often monographs (books on one subject) and journal articles found in academic periodicals. Encyclopedias, dictionaries and Wikipedia are not generally considered scholarly sources. Important factors to keep in mind when selecting any source you are going to use for your research paper are its depth of analysis and synthesis of its own sources, two things students should also consider in their own writing.

Citing a source: Students must give credit to any idea or reference not their own (especially direct quotes in the form of citations). Any and all citations must be within the text of the writing or in footnotes on the same page. Internet sources are acceptable but must have an offer to qualify as a scholarly source. The page number or, if an Internet source is used, the full-page address of the document must be cited, and again within the text of the writing. If there is any question about a particular source please ask me. You will use the Turbian style, commonly referred to as the Chicago manual of style. All sources must be included in a mandatory bibliography.


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