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The Case Note

The Case Note

The Case Note is to be an extended casenote, presented in a form suitable for publication. Students should select a recent case, preferably in the area of their research topic, which is of sufficient importance to warrant analysis. It should not be merely an example of settled law, but should either deal with a novel aspect or otherwise contribute to the development of a particular area of law. It is unlikely that cases which are not at appellate level will fulfil these criteria. If in doubt, check your choice with the Module Leader before commencing work.

The casenote should not only deal with the particular case, but should place it in the context of the relevant area in general. This may well involve discussion of other cognate cases and/or legislation and policy developments. It should contain the author’s analysis of the judgment(s) and critique by way of conclusion.

The casenote should be presented in double-spaced text, minimum 12-point font. Referencing should be in the standard legal mode, in footnotes rather than endnotes.

Assessment criteria for the Case Note
Presentation: Compliance with the format set out in the module guide, clarity of expression, use of academically appropriate language and style, grammar/syntax, use of footnotes where appropriate, use of graphs and tables where appropriate.
Structure: The case note should be in a properly structured format, with appropriate use of headings to assist understanding.
Clarity Cogency and clarity of exposition, analysis and argument. Accuracy of legal argument.
Insights Originality of thought and identification of novel ideas or insights deriving from the discussion of the case. Persuasiveness of analysis, argument and conclusions.

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