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The application of small unmanned aerial systems for precision agriculture: a review

This assignment is meant to piece together all of the contents of this course in the form of a comprehensive research proposal. It is paramount that you establish a research problem based on the existing literature and provide ample background information in the form of your literature review. The description of your methodology and how you plan to execute it should be detailed and highly specific. Remember, anyone should be able to pick up your proposal and know exactly what you are going to do and how to address the research problem. Also, anyone should be able to replicate what you propose to do based solely on your document.

Use the following guidance to gain a sense on the level of detail required for this assignment:

Title page (see APA Chapter 2) – 1 page
Abstract (see APA Chapter 2) – 1 page
Introduction (problem establishment) – 1 to 2 pages
Literature review – 3 to 5 pages minimum
Hypothesis – 1 to 2 paragraphs
Method (research methodology) – 2 to 4 pages
Summary – 1 to 2 pages
References – As many as needed
Appendices (outline/timeline) – As many as neede

NOTE: You can log in to https://ernie.erau.edu/
to view all of the contents of this course to guide you in the writing
Username: NWAJEIA
Password: Omglat11
Under tools, Click on Canvas(Student), click on RSCH 670 to view course


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