For this assignment, your focus is the content of Chapter 6 – “Process Selection and Facility Layout.” On page 280, there are five questions listed under the header of “Taking Stock.” These questions are designed as a ‘check on learning’ to see how well you understood the content of this chapter. Your response to each question should be detailed.

Use the following format and headers to organize your essay:

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Taking Stock
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Purpose (no more than one paragraph)

Main Body (i.e., where you answer the five questions)

and Summary (no more than one paragraph).

This typed essay paper should be two-three pages in length, Times New Roman font size 11 or 12, one-inch margins, double-spacing between lines, have no mechanical/grammatical errors, and adhere to APA formatting guidelines. Parenthetical Citations must be used as part of your analysis and cannot simply be direct quotes or summarizations.


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