Taking a stance that she is not guilty!

Use academic level language, avoiding the use of second person–you. Also, use third person for this essay. Plan to use a minimum of three secondary sources—other writers’ ideas about the story. The secondary sources should be kept to a reasonable number for this paper because most of the writing should be your own analysis using support from three to four outside sources. Otherwise, the paper would become a patchwork collection of others’ ideas. Use the short story as your primary source and use three to four secondary sources about the work that found online. Since I will look up all the sources used in your paper, you must use the TCC library and other sources will not be accepted. Therefore, your Works Cited page will have a minimum of four sources (three secondary sources and the primary source).  Be sure to follow MLA guidelines for the Works Cited page and MLA techniques throughout the essay.

Most of the essay should be your own ideas and your own analysis with some support from the secondary sources about the story found in your research. Therefore, use no more than 8 to 12 parenthetical references in a paper of this length. In addition, be sure to use one example of each of the three ways of presenting outside material: DIRECT QUOTE, PARAPHRASE, and SUMMARY.  (When using the term “summary” here, it is a way of offering a general idea about the passage being used as a reference – or summarizing the short section from the outside source, not summarizing the entire text.)  For a smoothly flowing essay, plan to paraphrase or summarize the secondary sources and quote from the text being analyzed.

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Taking a stance that she is not guilty!
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