Since we will be unable to discuss all societal issues that are considered problematic, this assignment will give you the opportunity to explore, in depth, an issue of interest to you that is not specifically or thoroughly covered in class. You will write a paper that will provide a description of the nature and scope of the problem, an analysis of the social factors or conditions involved in its cause and continuation, and a set of recommendations regarding how the issue may be constructively addressed.  You will be expected to support your description, evaluation, and recommendation with properly cited and referenced scholarly material (you must have at least three separate cited sources).  The length of the paper should be approximately 3-5 pages and written in APA format. Students are expected to use spell and grammar check on their computers or to edit the paper manually for typos, spelling errors, and grammatical errors.  A rubric will be provided on Blackboard.  No late papers will be accepted.

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