Submit to a behavioural economic analysis a newspaper (or magazine) story on a topical theme.

  1. Structure your assignment in the following way, and use these sub-headings to show this.

    a.    Summarise the news story – and include this article in your assignment (10 marks)
    b.    Describe TWO behavioural economic principles you intend applying (taken either from MINDSPACE or the literature more generally); (10 marks)
    c.    For each of these two principles, discuss their scientific bases; (20 marks)
    d.    Provide a critical analysis of the news story in terms of your chosen principles; (40 marks)
    e.    Discuss the possible practical implications of these principles in relation to this news story; (10 marks)
    f.    Consider the possible unseen consequences of applying techniques based on these principles in relation to your specific news story. (10 marks)

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