Structuring research proposal (Introduction)

you are required to take a look at assignment 4 (attached), (assignment for the next session). which is to improve my current introduction to become professional as a (PhD student) and according to the instruction. (No more than 350 word) (2.0 ,double space)

The introduction should be about to my current research proposal ‘CSR’ (attached), by following the instruction in assignment 4.

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Structuring research proposal (Introduction)
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Please read carefully the suggestions in the assignment that I make about writing introductions: your draft should be accessible to a broad disciplinary audience–i.e., the broader community of economists or sociologists who do not do research on your topic and perhaps haven’t even read anything linked to this topic since they finished their PhD coursework decades ago. Introductions are not the point in a proposal where you wow readers with your technical prowess or insider’s jargon; rather they are the point where you impress readers by showing them that you can communicate with a broader audience in a way that attracts the interest and curiosity of non-specialists.

I will attach as well my prof correction about my previous assignment (assignment 3) to avoid the mistakes. So, if you agree that you 100% sure can improve my current introduction to become very clear and without any academic or grammar mistakes is fine. However, if you agree to work on it and send me “part one” and one i get the correction by my prof with no more than one  to 4 academic or writing mistakes will pay you the rest, but if not, then i will send you the prof comments and show you that how many mistakes you did and will not pay the second part.

The other task to do is: Once i receive the other students assignment, i will send it for you tomorrow Monday to correct the grammar or writing mistakes (2-3 assignment only).

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