Strategic Management

As a strategy consultant, you are required to conduct research on a company of your choice that
has experienced performance failure in recent years as measured by quantitative and
qualitative data, relative to other firms in the industry. Drawing on relevant models, concepts
and theories covered in this module and those gathered from your extensive research attempt the
tasks below:
Task 1
Conduct an environmental and competitive analysis of the firm and discuss the potential
consequences of its current performance. Make sure that you present a working definition and
framework of strategic success as well as solid data based on researched materials to support
your case ( Limit: 1000 words / 25%)
Task 2
Drawing on relevant models, conduct an internal analysis. (Limit: 1000 words / 25%)
Task 3
Using the blue ocean model, discuss the possible strategic trajectories or paths that your chosen
company could follow in order to break away from its current industry and open up new market
opportunities in spite of its current success. Justify your argument. (Limit: 2000 word/50%)

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