STIs and HIV in Uganda;

STIs and HIV in Uganda;
Topic is: STIs and HIV in Uganda. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 13-20 slides which encompasses both parts 1 and 2 below:
Part 1: Provide a brief overview of your selected country’s methods for surveillance and monitoring of STI and HIV in terms of coverage, effectiveness and cost.
Part 2: Outline the economic, gender and religious issues which have a significant bearing on STI and HIV prevention and control projects in your chosen country, giving some explanation as to how these variables present as obstacles or incentives to such projects.
Your presentation is to be uploaded into Blackboard by the Monday of week 11.Your mark and assessment sheet with feedback comments but without the PowerPoint presentation attached will also be returned to you through Blackboard.
PowerPoint presentation
For those of you who have not had had this form of assessment before, I thought I would just put together some tips that have developed out of past student concerns.
Firstly for those of you who have not had experience of doing PowerPoint presentations, having been there myself, I would just reassure you that this is not a difficult programme to learn. It is also not an unusual form of assessment and is a widely used, recognised form of assessment at every level of education, even primary; you will find that at tertiary level, students are required to do at least one in almost every unit they undertake. This reflects the aim to have students ?�work ready’, as the ability to use PowerPoint is now the expected norm in the professional workplace.
Remember that this is a presentation – think back to good presentations you may have had and how the presenter tried to impart the necessary information without swamping you with information overload. I.e.: use of dot points;avoiding having the slides too busy; using a suitable font size;use of good illustrative graphs, tables and/or images etc. If you are worried about the images it is not essential; if you look at your marking criteria we are interested more in the overall content and that you have summarised and presented the salient points. This is an exercise in being able to synthesise your research material, identifying the key factors, and then presenting a succinct summary that contains all the essential elements that need to be covered. We understand that you will not have the advantage of actually presenting the PowerPoint and therefore you may want to have slightly more content than you would if you were to present, but do not go overboard!
A couple of other points arising from the tips and the points laid out in the marking criteria in the Unit Outline:
Re the use of images:These can be anything from graphs to actual pictures that illustrate your talk e.g. image of health promotion message targeting HIV/STI prevention in your chosen country;graph or table of changes in HIV/STI prevalence; etc.Tables and graphs are also good ways of condensing down your research. However you will not be marked down for not using the special effects that are available in the PowerPoint programme.
Referencing:For a PowerPoint presentation it is more a bibliography- you do not insert your reference in-text but have a full list of your sources on a slide at the end correct to the conventions of preferably APA or whatever referencing style you are familiar with. It does not matter if these are crammed in in a small font, but they must all be there.
Notes: You do not need to add notes in the optional section under the slide. We have had some students add a note to explain a particularly powerful image where the note added to the impact of the image; however in general we would prefer that you do not write additional material in this section.
Cover page:You are not required to attach a cover page to your presentation; just be sure that your title slide includes your name as the presenter.
Recordings: You are not required to send in a video recording of yourself presenting the PowerPoint, nor are video clips required in the content of the presentation.

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