Stem Cells and Cancer

The paper should draw on primary, peer-reviewed literature. At least 6 peer-reviewed references from the scientific literature must be incorporated, including at last two primary sources (that is, articles that include methods and original results).

The paper should include these sections:

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Stem Cells and Cancer
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This section will introduce the problem to be examined, describe the topic, and outline the major areas of disagreement or uncertainty. At least 4 references from the scientific literature must be used.

Case studies:
This section will describe the methods and results from at least two studies that examined the topic under consideration and gathered relevant data. The description of the methods should emphasize areas where the two studies differed and how those differences may have influenced the overall results. The description of the results should summarize the important results of the papers (the actual results, not just the conclusions drawn from them). It is acceptable to provide a photocopy of figures from the original papers as supporting material, but the student must interpret those data in his or her own words.

Discussion and Critique:
In this section, the student will provide an original analysis of the results by evaluating the experimental evidence on each side of the issue and evaluating arguments made by previous authors. At least two additional references must be included in this section of the paper (note: there can be overlap between what is cited in different sections, but the minimum number of scientific articles cited in the paper as a whole is six). The student should argue for a position on the controversy, and should outline key experiments that could be taken to resolve the issue.

The paper should be typed and double-spaced. You should cite your sources in the text in author date format, like this: (Rehoboth 2006) [if the paper has one author, (Jones and Stafford 2004) [two authors], (Phillips et al. 1954) [three or more authors]. At the end of the paper, there should be a Literature Cited section that gives full bibliographic information for each source you used and cited, in this format:

Author. Year of Publication. Title. Journal Name Volume: pages.

Jones, CH and P Stafford. 2004. Axonogenesis in Mytulis edulis largae. Developmental Zoology 52: 216-222.


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