You will need to research a luxury brand and its branding strategy, looking at the evolution, identify challenges and current issues.
Student will select a brand among the following ones:

–    Mary Katrantzou – London based independent designer
–    Stella Mc Cartney – London based Kering Group designer

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•    selection of the brand ( mary katrantzou or stella mc cartney)
•    draft of notes on the selection of the brand
•    draft of the methods of research – which primary, which secondary research will you be conducting?
•    objectives of your primary research ?- what are you planning to explore in the survey, for the assignment.
•    Competitor analysis-POPs and PODs researched and drafted in notes
•    research on the brand architecture and brand personality

The report should contain the following sections:

Title page

Executive summary

Table of contents


Brand audit

Students will conduct a thorough analysis of the current brand including:

•    Pen portrait and competitor analysis
•    Brand inventory
♣    Heritage and History (Equity)
♣    Brand elements
♣    Brand Identity Logo
♣    Logo Colour
♣    Icons and Prints
♣    Packaging
♣    Competitor analysis-POPs and PODs
♣    Brand DNA
♣    Brand Personality
♣    Brand identity
♣    Brand architecture
♣    Brand leverage
♣    Brand positioning
♣    Licensing/IP
•    Brand exploratory
•    Brand equity

Brand strategy
√    Students will make recommendations based on the conclusions of the brand analysis, supported by a rationale.
√    Students will need to develop a brand strategy including the use of the brand equity pyramid.

Brand execution
√    Here students will outline the brand deliverables such as the branding elements, touch points and communications.





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