Startegic plan 25 Power point slides

Vila Health: Strategic Planning and Recommendations

The development of new or updated information systems within health care organizations is dependent on the strategic organization goal alignment and approval of leadership. The presentation of alternative solutions to organizational problems is an essential skill for any informatics professional. In this final assignment, it is expected that you can use the Villa Health: Strategic Planning and Recommendations challenge and the information from your Unit 6 assignment to present your findings to the leadership of the organization to promote innovation through the adoption of new technology that will improve organizational efficiencies and increase patient and staff satisfaction.

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Startegic plan 25 Power point slides
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Prepare a PowerPoint presentation containing between 20–25 slides where the following areas are discussed and summarized. You will use the speakers’ notes section within the PowerPoint slides to provide all the information relevant to that slide which you would otherwise present verbally. Each slide must have no more than 4-5 bullets and each bullet will have no more than 4-6 words in it. Use graphics liberally throughout the presentation but ensure that graphics are appropriate for the content provided. Make sure your PowerPoint presentation contains the following slide headings:

Purpose – Include the reasons for the presentation of the decision being proposed.
Situation – Describe the situation and the facts that surround the situation at hand.
Problem Statement – Define the problems or issues and list the objectives of the presentation.
Requirements – Include a minimum of 4 well-defined requirements for the solutions being proposed.
Data Collection – Collect data in the internal and external health care environments (please use feedback received from the Unit 6 assignment to enhance this section).
Data Analysis – Provide a summary of the data collected. Data that can be used includes: hardware and software considerations and needs, options on obtaining the system, hardware and software support, software options (commercial off the shelf, software as a service, or locally developed in-house), costs and benefits, and return on investment considerations (revise from feedback received in the Unit 6 assignment).
System Alternatives – Make sure you include a minimum of 3 possible solutions. One of the solutions presented should maintain the status quo. Each alternative should have its own slides. Be sure to include an analysis of workflow considerations as well as meaningful use considerations for each one of the alternatives presented.
Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages – Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of each proposed solution in context of associated costs and benefits.
Synthesis of Recommended Solution – Based on your findings, synthesize the three solutions into one that will most benefit the health care organization. Take into consideration meaningful use and workflow when proposing the synthesized solution.
References – Use correct APA style and formatting, paying particular attention to citations and references.

Review the Vila Health: Strategic Planning and Recommendations Scoring Guide to ensure you understand the grading criteria for this assignment.

Submit your presentation as an attachment in the Assignments area.


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