Sports Team Marketing Plan

have been hired by one of the following organizations:

a. the new East-End Islanders NFL football franchise (based in Islandia) Long Island NY

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Sports Team Marketing Plan
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Using your skills learned in Sports marketing course, you will either select one of the four organizations (a-d).

You will prepare a marketing plan in order to establish one of the new sports organizations on Long Island or you will develop a brand new sports product for initial sale on Long Island, and then if successful, on the East Coast of the United States.

Your marketing plan should be at least 2,000 words (one inch margins, double-spaced, 12 size font) and must include:

A. What kind of research you would perform upfront?

B. How do you understand your potential customers/users ?

C. What knowledge would you require to understand your spectators as consumers?

D. How are you going to segment, target and position your brand ?

E. How are you going to apply sports product concepts ?

F. What kind of promotion and advertising concepts are you going to develop ?

G. Other points that should be addressed and included in your marketing plan, if not covered above, include to:

1. Establish a positive image for your sporting organization/product
2. Achieve Sponsors Promotional Goals
3. Stimulate Ticket Sales
4. Maximize Media Exposure for Events, Athletes, Sponsors
5. Acquire Sponsors through personal contacts
6. Maintain good relations with community, authorities, and partners
7. Acquire sponsors by formal presentations
8. Develop special promotions
9. Improve budget construction
10. Negotiate promotion contracts
11. Evaluate sport marketing opportunities and performance
12. Design and coordinate content of events
13. Coordinate press coverage of events
14. Create contracts
15. Provide corporate hospitality of events
16. Build public image and awareness of athletes
17. Schedule events and facilities
18. Establish event safety factors
19. Build rapport with editors, reporters and other media reps
20. Buy and resell media rights

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