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Sociology Aging

The median age of the world\’s population is increasing because of a decline in fertility and a 20-year increase in the average life span during the second half of the 20th century. These factors, combined with elevated fertility in many countries during the 2 decades after World War II (i.e., the \”Baby Boom\”), will result in increased numbers of persons aged > or = 65 years during 2010-2030. Worldwide, the average life span is expected to extend another 10 years by 2050. The growing number of older adults increases demands on the public health system and on medical and social services. Chronic diseases, which affect older adults disproportionately, contribute to disability, diminish quality of life, and increased health- and long-term-care costs. Increased life expectancy reflects, in part, the success of public health interventions, but public health programs must now respond to the challenges created by this achievement, including the growing burden of chronic illnesses, injuries, and disabilities and increasing concerns about future caregiving and healthcare costs.

1. Evaluate the most significant contributing factors that determine whether an individual lives to become an oldest-old? Further, evaluate the role of medical breakthroughs in the changes in active life expectancy? Lastly, differentiate between environmental, behavioral, and genetic factors that assist people in becoming members of the oldest-old.

Failure to follow directions will be deemed insufficient and subject to points being deducted from paper. In additional to following keen instructions your paper will be graded on level or research (scholarly peer reviewed citations are REQUIRED), you must have at least three (3) sociological scholarly citations and must be cited correctly using ASA format. You will also be graded on grammatical syntax and logical flow of writing content.

Your paper should use at least three (3) scholarly publications, must cite all sources using ASA format.
Must be 5 pages long DOUBLE SPACED (i.e., content). DO NOT need cover page, “Reference” page does not count toward the 5 page criteria.
Must use Time New Roman Font using 12 point font size
Margins of document should be set at the Word default. DO NOT narrow or widen margins

Category: Essays

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