is social media corrosive to the community?

Weight: 10% of final grade

You will write and submit an Essay Outline based on research and planning that has been done in relation to the essay topics that you have chosen from the list provided in class (see list, for your reference, at the bottom of this guideline).  The aim of this exercise is to get you to think carefully about how you are going to organize your essay.  Please note: this outline assignment assumes that you have read and understood the relevant reading from your textbook, as well as the recently-posted lecture.

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is social media corrosive to the community?
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Your outline will be graded both on content and on style.

You will write an essay outline for a traditional, argumentative essay (Intro/3 paragraphs/Conclusion) with a short ‘Background’ section between the Introduction and the body paragraphs.

Your outline should include five components, and should be enumerated in the following way:

1)    Introduction:
a.    A brief statement of the problem (no more than 1 sentence)
b.    A clear and concise statement of your thesis (no more than 1 sentence)
2)    Background:
a.    Historical or sociological context (no more than 2 sentences)
b.    Gaps in research or why this topic interests you specifically (no more than 2 sentences)
3)    Three major points (which will represent your paragraphs)
a.    Topic sentence/main idea for each paragraph (no more than 1 sentence each)
b.    At least 2 supporting concepts/ideas/research points for each paragraph) (no more than 1 sentence each)
c.    1 quote from a relevant (and actual) source (for each paragraph)—please note: you must provide the author/title/page number for each quote but do not provide a Bibliography yet, as this is the subject of a later lecture
4)    Conclusion (no more than 2 sentences)

Full sentences are required; no point-form please.  Please note, for your supporting quotes/citations: we will be discussing proper referencing in a future class.  Do not provide a Bibliography.  Instead, provide the information in the following format (in-text and in parentheses): (Author: Name of source/publication, page number of quote).

Topic List for Major Essay:

•    General Topic I: Is social media (including Facebook, Twitter, and texting) corrosive to community?
•    General Topic II: Is Canada at risk of another financial crisis as a result of inflated real estate prices?
•    General Topic III: Is religion on the decline in North America?
•    General Topic IV: Should postsecondary tuition be fully subsidized by the government?
•    General Topic V: Explain some of the central sociological reasons behind the election of U.S. President Donald Trump (or the election of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau).
•    General Topic VI: Should universities be obligated by law to provide gender neutral washrooms?
•    General Topic VII: Is Canada’s economy in peril as a result of inflated mortgage prices in several major Canadian cities?
•    General Topic VIII: Explain the reasons for the youth suicide crisis on many remote/northern First Nations reserves in Canada.
•    General Topic IX:  What are some of the major sociological implications of climate change?






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