Sherman Alexie’s novel

Sherman Alexie’s novel
Explore your thinking about a theme, or themes, in the novel and go beyond the novel to discuss your topic(s) in a larger context. You have two main purposes:

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Sherman Alexie’s novel
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1) Discuss how Alexie develops the theme(s) in the novel.

2) Explore what authors say about your topic(s) and explain why this interests you. What claims do they make?

Organize your essay the way you want and develop both parts thoughtfully. Explain why your topic is important in our society and in particular communities. Be sure to speak to this in your essay, saying why this matters beyond the scope of the novel. Use source information to explore your thinking. Cite the sources (MLA or APA format) in your essay and at the end. Your essay should be 6 pages, typed, double spaced.



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