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sex and relationships

Find a news article having to do with any aspect of sex and relationships. Acceptable sources of the article include news magazines, newspapers, and professional journals. No tabloids, entertainment magazines, advertisements or porn will be accepted. The article must be published after October 1st 2013, and be 2-8 pages long (not including the citation pages). Then write a two FULL page brief description and analysis of the information (your paper should include a brief summary of the article, who the target audience is, what you learned about the particular aspect of sex and relationships, and what you found most helpful/interesting about the article and what you thought was lacking. Please attach a legible copy of the entire article.

How the article critique will be graded:

Choosing the Article:
*    Selecting an appropriate magazine/newspaper/journal source                                  __/½ pt
(Most websites will not count, unless they have archived newspaper/magazine articles)

*    Appropriate article topic– anything related to sex or
relationships. No porn or advertisements.                                                __/1 pt

*    Correct date; published after October 1st, 2013                                        __/½ pt

*    Correct length of article, minimum of 2 pages long                                        __/½ pt

* 2 full pages                                                                                              __/1 pt
(1.5 pages = ½ pt)
* 12 point, Times New Roman font                                                                      __/½ pt
* Proof-reading, no gross misspelling or grammar errors                                                __/½ pt
* Correct margins (1-1.25 inches around)                                                        __/½ pt

Article analysis:
* summary of the article                                                                                      __/1 pt
* intended audience for the article clearly stated                                        __/1 pt
* what they thought were good pts / what they learned from the article    __/1 pt
* what was lacking in the article (they can say                                            __/1 pt
the whole article was good but at least attempted
to look at the article critically, what can be improved)

Legible copy of the article – remove & keep
* print-out / photocopy / original article is attached                                              __/1 pt


Late Paper Points Deductions (1 point per class meeting late):________

Total Points________/10

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