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Serial Homicides

Your final paper will be developed on the topic of \”serial homicide\”. The length of the paper is to be between 10 to 12 pages, not including your title page and bibliography page. The paper must be double spaced, with a font of 12, with normal margins. Your bibliography must consist of at least 3 outside sources, not including the textbook. You may use books, journal articles and the internet as sources of information for your paper (you may not use the internet as your sole source of information for this paper) . Your paper must be properly cited, APA Style.

The paper should focus on serial homicides. You are to identify at least 3 different types of serial killers (male-solo, female-solo, health care worker, team killers, etc.) and describe how specific perpetrators of the three types that you identified; committed their homicides, where they committed their crimes and how they were caught or if they are still being sought by law enforcement. You should include whether the specific individuals were \”organized\” or \”disorganized\” and a brief history of the perpetrators. You should include in your paper what types of individuals commit serial murders and their rationale for committing these crimes. Lastly, you should identify and describe the different types of \”profiling\” that are used to identify and apprehend serial murders (you may make reference to the FBI\’s Behavioral Science Unit in how profiling is conducted).

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