There is a final project in this course. The final project is designed to help you connect the information you learned in this course to real-life problems. I would like to see you integrate information you have learned throughout the term in order to conduct a literature review related to one of the following topics:

Causes of –    Schizophrenia

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Your text discusses several options that have been investigated in the search for the cause of several mental disorders, including those mentioned above, but gives only brief summaries of the research.

Select one of the disorders from the list above. Then, choose one of the causes mentioned in the text, or another possibility, and conduct your own search for evidence using the library resources.

Please be sure to use at least 2 peer-reviewed/journal articles from our library – we have a very extensive collection. Write a 4-5 page paper discussing the evidence available for this proposed cause. Present the conclusions you reach based on your research of both the text and the journal articles. Then provide examples from the literature which support your points. Be sure to use APA
formatting in your writing.,800,600);void(0);&episode=episode13

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