Research paper

I want this research paper to be about Andrew Kehoe. This assignment will provide the student an opportunity to research an individual that has gained the attention of the American public for his or her criminal behavior For example, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, Charles Whitman, Andrea Yates, Ted Bundy, etc. Each student is required to research the individual’s life history to include their childhood, education, work history, criminal involvement, mental history, and overall social adjustment. In addition to this background information, each student is required to use at least three criminological theories. Students should use these theories to help explain the individuals past and criminal involvement. These theories should be presented in a manner that complements one another and provide a logical explanation of their social adjustment and behavior. Students should not only define the theory but explain how the theory is applicable to the person under review.

This paper should be five pages in length and have at a minimum of five references cited in the body of the paper. Each paper should have a cover page, which should include the student’s name, the title of the paper and the course information. This cover page is NOT the first page of the paper. In addition, there is no need for students to include an Abstract. Abstracts are reserved for lengthy papers and used to summarize the paper content. In addition, the reference page should not be counted as one of the five required pages. What is required for this assignment is five pages of text. Students may use any type of academic source, but not newspapers, magazines, television shows, or Wikipedia (this is not an academic source and is highly unreliable). Students are however encouraged to utilize the electronic resources that are available through the Limestone College Library (http://nlib.limestone.edu) and the services that are available through the online writing lab, which can be accessed at http://www.limestone.edu/OWL/owl.htm.

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