Research paper

ESL 5 Research Paper Proposal
* Name: Chuhan Tseng
* Class: ESL5.2
* Subject of the research paper: Education system in United Stated and in Taiwan.
* Thesis statement: There are some differences and similarities between the education system in United Stated and in Taiwan by viewing teaching style, students’ learning attitude, and types of exam.
* Reason why writing about this topic will be beneficial to me: know more about the different education system can give myself some information weather keep studying master degree in the United States or not.
* Brief outline:
1.compare the education systems (how many years students spent in elementary school, senior high school, senior high school and university)
2. Teaching style (what is teachers’ teaching styles to their students)
3. School life (what students do in school and after school)
4. Students’ learning attitude (how students react on their school)
5.exam (General Scholastic Ability Test in Taiwan and SAT in USA)
* Intended audience: Taiwanese who are consider to study oversea.
* Documentation style: Modern Language Association (MLA)
* Types of sources I will use and why they will benefit my paper: online sources and ask my friend’s experience of studying in US
* Tentative list of Works Cited: Study in the USA

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