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Research in Ethics in Animal Research)

rom bench to bedside (~1 page; 10 pts)
Explain the process of developing new treatments or studying physiological/pathophysiological processes from the bench to the bedside. In other words, when would animal studies be necessary (bench studies) as compared to clinical trials involving humans (“bedside” studies)?
Clinical Research Ethics (~2 pages; 40 pts)
(10 pts) Provide a brief history of some of the main ethical violations in clinical research based on your readings (and in your own words). Include a brief discussion on some of the major historical events which prompted laws to be created to protect humans in research.
(10 pts) What specific laws protect clinical research subjects or participants as a result of these violations?
(10 pts) What is informed consent and why it is important to obtain prior to starting a clinical research project involving humans? What are the essential components of informed consent? When can informed consent be invalid?
(10 pts) If you were reading a scientific article, how could you tell that the research was approved by an oversight committee? What is the name of the committee that approves and oversees research involving humans at universities?
Use of Animals in Research (~2 pages; 40 pts)
(8 pts) Give examples of ethical violations involving the use of animals in research. What was the outcome of these violations?
(8 pts) What laws are in existence to protect laboratory animals? What committee is responsible for the approval and oversight of research involving any animal at universities? What federal organization oversees the university committee and performs annual inspections of all facilities involved in animal research? Can research be legally conducted using animals without having approval?
(8 pts) Discuss some of the common misconceptions regarding the use of animals in research?
(8 pts) Discuss why is animal research important in scientific discovery?
(8 pts) Using PubMed to find relevant research articles, give at least 2 examples of scientific discoveries that have been made in animals. This could be something discovered in laboratory rodents, like improved vision for blind mice using a new chemical (this did just happen). Or it could be something that an animal was discovered to naturally have or be adapted to (ex: Gila monster saliva contains a chemical that lowers blood sugar and is now used to treat diabetes (drug: Byetta)). DO NOT re-use these examples

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