In his 1963’s response to fellow ministers, “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, Dr. King argues non-violence, as a form of protest, is the only solution to obtain social justice based on an evaluation of historical facts, religious beliefs, decisions of authorities, and community incidents. In the same vein, Robert Gonzales describes numerous testimonies of undocumented youth in California whose dream of having a better job than their parents is shattered after high school or college.
You will write a 2000-word essay on a topic we discussed in class and you would like to further research. Since a research paper is informative

Community and justice

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Essay Requirements
•    Draft a narrowed, thesis statement that states the topic, your claim on the topic, and the three or four points of development.
•    In the body of your essay, use the MEAl pattern, consistently use a neutral point of view to support your thesis, begin each paragraph with a clear topic sentence, and use in-text citations accurately. Consider setting off your quotations or paraphrases with a signal phrase like Jessica Weisberg in “The Boy without a Country.”
•    Your conclusion should restate your thesis in other words and summarize your findings.
Insert in-text citations, quotation marks, and cite your sources even when you paraphrase (indirect quotations) an idea.
Provide facts, statistics, testimonies that are verifiable
Research credible sources
Format a separate works cited page that lists 4 sources– your choice of sources:
1. One text studied in class fully cited, paraphrased, and quoted.
or two articles and a video from TED Talk.
Make sure your sources are current i.e. published less than ten years ago.

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