Should recreational drugs be legalized?

All papers should be double spaced, times new roman 12 point font, with 1 inch margins, and APA or Chicago style citations. Citations of the textbook and any other supporting material that you use must be included both in the text of the position paper.

Each position paper should have the following sections (this means that your paper should include these subheadings):
•    Introduction: Briefly summarize the major sides of the assigned debate or controversy.
•    Analysis: analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each argument (I recommend two paragraphs per side one detailing strengths and one weaknesses; 4 paragraphs total)
•    Position Statement: Explain which of the arguments is strongest and what evidence supports this conclusion. Remember, this is not merely a statement of opinion but rather a presentation of evidence (this will require outside research) and discussion of why that evidence is the more compelling than evidence from the other perspective.
•    Conclusion: Briefly summarize the major points of the paper and your reasoning for your decision about the strength of the evidence. You may also include brief statements about the implications of your decision regarding which side has the stronger argument (that is explain what it means in the real world if people on this side of the argument win the debate).

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Should recreational drugs be legalized?
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