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Quality management and control project draft and final project


Course Name: Quality Management and control

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Quality management and control project draft and final project
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Project Topic:

https://www.manufacturingtomorrow.com/story/2020/06/faulty-takata-airbags-make-headlines-again/15476/ – Topic


1. Abstract 

a. This section should:

i. Provide an overview of the project you are going to be working on.

b. It should include the following:

i. A brief summary of the project to be done.

ii. The purpose of the project or the problem being solved.

iii. General overview of how the problem was studied.

iv. The findings and conclusions.


· The abstract should be between 150 and 250 words.

· The abstract should be a single paragraph double-spaced and should not be indented.

2. Introduction 

a. This section should contain:

i. Sufficient background information about the quality tools – Pareto or histogram and control charts – you are about to employ. Therefore, do some research on the quality tools you will be using for the project. Include some information about the project, for example, information about defects.

ii. The rationale for the project.


· This section should be at least two to three pages.


3. Methods 

The method section should be written in narrative, paragraph format. It should describe the steps you intend or have taken in order to complete the project. 

a. This section should contain:

i. How you would sample and collect the data in your field and what each category of data would represent.

ii. A list of all the steps you intend to take to create the charts.


· This section should be at least two to three pages.

4. Results

The results section should contain all the charts you have created. You should label the charts. A simple description of the charts should be made under each chart.


· This section has no page limit.

· Include these Pareto charts or histogram and any of the control charts.

5. Discussion and Conclusions 

This section should discuss and conclude your results – discuss the charts, discuss any trend of the defects over the period such as five-day period chosen. It should also explain how the project turned out and whether or not there is room for improvement. 


· This section should be at least one to two pages.

· Discuss significant/vital few versus trivial/useful many.

· If you have created a histogram, describe the distribution.

· Provide ideas for fixing the defects/problems permanently. 

· Include your recommendations.

6. Draft Report 

This section should contain your draft report. Draft means you think the paper is good to go; you think it is done. The paper is draft because it has not yet been accepted or published. It also only draft because you haven’t yet submitted it for final evaluation. Before you submit this draft, you should have already completed the project and double checked spelling, grammar, punctuation, and APA style. You are strongly encouraged to have had others read the report before submitting it to the instructor. Use the grammar checker in your Word processor set to the most stringent setting. This should be submitted to Turnitin.


· The draft report should contain the following: abstract, introduction, method, results, and discussion and conclusion. Please make sure you have a title page, a table of contents, a list of figures, and a list of tables in the final submission and also put a reference section (Use a minimum of five references). The draft report should be in MS Word.

7. Final Report

This section should be your absolute final version of your project report. Please use APA style. This should be submitted to Turnitin. 


· The final report should be an improvement over the draft report.

8. PowerPoint Presentation – PLEASE DON’T WORK ON THIS (8) PowerPoint Presentation.

This section should contain at least 12 slides on the important aspects of the project. This will be presented in class and submitted on Canvas.

9. Evaluation

You should evaluate your team members by the evaluation form on Canvas and send your evaluations to the instructor as a file upload through Canvas.


· Only those who have worked in teams can evaluate each other.

· Use the evaluation forms under Project Module.

· Evaluation is confidential.

· Evaluation points (five points) are extra credit.

 Other Project Requirements

· Use APA style (sixth edition) for the report except when conflicting with the project requirements. If you don’t have APA manual, click https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

· Use a minimum of five references

· There should be a title page and a table of contents


· Submit draft report at Draft Report Submission under Project Module.

· Submit draft spreadsheet file at Spreadsheet File Submission under Project Module.

· Submit final report at Final Report Submission under Project Module. Many universities and associations believe that using more than 5-10% of other’s work in your document (even if quoted and cited correctly) is too much; that you haven’t done enough original work. PSU subscribes to Turnitin which checks how much of your work is original. This is not just used to check for plagiarism but also for originality. Turnitin will be used for the draft and final reports. Your Turnitin score should be no more than 10%.

· Submit final spreadsheet file at Spreadsheet File Submission under Project Module.

· The due date and time for the submission of spreadsheet file and Word file is posted on Canvas. For reports submitted after the due time a subtraction of 10% will be taken from the score and 5% shall be taken for each subsequent business day. It is the student’s prerogative to wait until the last minute to submit the report and gamble that he/she will be prevented from submitting the paper on time because of some unforeseen event.

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