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Quality and safety improvement.

The purpose of this assignment is to identify a problem in the clinical area and to utilize evidence-based strategies to improve the quality and safety of patient care. For more information about the QSEN, go to • In 2008, a committee of healthcare experts proposed 6 competencies to ensure that nursing students develop the knowledge, skills and attitude (KSA) necessary to provide quality and safety patient care.

1.Patient-Centered Care

2.Teamwork and Collaboration

3.Evidence-Based Practice

4.Quality Improvement



A)Identify or create an event(scenario between a patient and a student nurse) that happened or could have happened in the clinical area during practicum; discuss how this could have caused or did cause a negative patient outcome. B. Develop a scenario to illustrate the problem. C. Discuss how each of the 6 QSEN competencies were or were not followed and ultimately caused, or could have caused a negative patient outcome. D. Discuss the importance of integrating the QSEN competencies into the following areas; clinical practice, nursing education, and nursing research. Each point must be specifically addressed in a separate section. • Utilize a minimum of 5 EBP articles from peer reviewed journals no older than 5 years. • The paper is 7 pages not including the cover and the reference pages. • APA (6th ed.) format is required with no grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Please make sure to follow the directions, and separate each of the 6 points and relate them to the scenario, thanks


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