Protein Muffin marketing strategy report

I am capable of doing this project report, however I have no time so I need someone to write up my project report. I created my own product called “Buffin Muffin” basically a protein muffin. The questions I need answered are What utility does your product provide? ex: form , time , place or location) Describe the benefits your product creates. Create a promotional strategy, how will the consumer learn about this product? how will you try to get your consumer to use your product? basically creating brand loyalty. Develop a distribution strategy. What methods will you use to sell your product? . Then write a one minute sales pitch speech. I created a package for a one size large muffin it’s gonna contain 25 grams of protein & have flavors of peanut butter, chocolate & vanilla. FYI my product slogan is “don’t quit, get fit”


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Protein Muffin marketing strategy report
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