write 4-5 page proposal (prospectus) that outlines the goals of this project, the focus area, the theorists/theories involved, and the highlighted hypothesis/goal of the text. This is your opportunity to propose an argument, build a case study, explore a specific question that you will attempt to answer with the completion of the final essay

TOPIC: The U.S Media and it’s Propaganda on the middle east focus on events from the 1950’s to present. You can also focus Middle Eastern propaganda or counter-propaganda as well. consider the propaganda during WWII – the Nazis had the first strong propaganda machine, the U.S. learned from what they were doing and then responded with their own propaganda messages. Or during the Cold War, the U.S. and Russia continuously created propaganda messages against each other that almost functioned as a debate/dialogue.(events such as example: zionism, world war 2, the fight for oil and petroleum, afghan-iran war, 9/11, al jazeera, al-qaeda, ISIS etc..) IMPORTANT: You MUST incorporate persuasion and communication theories into your study on the u.s media and its propaganda on the middle east

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You will use Technological Determinism and McLuhan’s “The Medium is the Message”WalterOng’s four cultures of communication(all theories of communication and persuasion)
Find a theorist, theory, or collection of theories that have done work reflecting your chosen themes/texts/sources. This will give you a blueprint for how to apply theories to texts in analysis. Also, when looking for the relationships and messages between sources and audiences, think in terms of socio-political issues impacted by persuasion and propaganda
Set your scope of analytic perspective. Ask the following questions to assess how broad/deep your study will go: how much of the source/text(s) will you analyze? Will you assemble various texts to analyze one persuasive trend or propaganda campaign?

This is just the prospectus to the actual paper which will be about 18-20 pages apply communication theories of persuasion to better understand and explain what these messages are saying, why they are saying it, how (media sources) they are saying it, and predict the major consequences (positive/negative) of these persuasive messages.

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