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Project Scoping Activity



















Assessment Task 1:Project Scoping Activity – WordRequirement 1,200 – 1,500 words
1) Assessment Details
You are required to investigate an issue or opportunity within your workplace applying project skills and
knowledge as described in the Content section of this course description. Remembering that Applied
Workplace Practice is the capstone course of the Bachelor of Applied Management (BAM) and you are
required to demonstrate the knowledge that you have gained in your studies in your other courses
undertaken as part of the BAM Program.
Your task for this assessment is to develop a project scoping document. As a guide, your document
should include at least the following:
· Project justification
· Scope description
· Project objectives
· Risks
· Project deliverables
· Criteria for acceptance
· Exclusions and constraints
· Assumptions
· Budget
· Sign-off from workplace mentor
It is particularly important that your prospective project is signed off by your workplace mentor on your
scoping activity document prior to submitting the document. Your project also needs to be approved by
your lecturer to ensure its suitability. Formal approval from your lecturer will be given with your official
2) Criteria used to grade this task
Please refer to attached marking guide.
3) Task Assessor
4) Suggested time to devote to this task
A suggested minimum of approximately 15 hours.

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