project management individual reflection report

The module is Project management, we are group of 7 members 6 and me, I will upload the task we been taking it was about office relocation and my part was the Gantt Chart and I want you to write my 1500 words Individual report and to read the instructions to answer all the requirement.
i want academic good 5-6 references.
i will upload the instruction and brief of what my group work was about and copy of my GANTT CHART that i did. please try to answer these question:

1- undertake a strategic self-reflection on your role and experience of team working in the preparation of the group assignment.

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project management individual reflection report
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2- In this you should consider the facilitators and barriers to effective project team work and the core project management/leadership skills you developed while working on the project.

3- In addition, you should consider what key project management/leadership skills /competencies you wish to develop in the future.

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