A Geographer
“Give me a topic — any topic — I’ll find it in two minutes or less!!” said the ‘humble’ student.
And so it is in this internet (GOOGLE) age.  Give someone a topic, and they can produce numerous references in a matter of minutes using several kinds of mobile devices.
With that said, what, then, is the purpose of a Research Paper?
Yes, it shall test your capability of finding internet references, but more importantly, it shall test your ability to meld those references into a logical, readable narrative.  Not only shall the paper test your critical thinking skills, but it shall test your ability to communicate — clearly and grammatically correct.
The format for the Research paper shall:
1. be in the ALA or MLA format, the Geographer may choose which, but it must be consistent throughout the paper.
2. be no less than 4 pages, title & reference pages not counted. (Hint: minimum of 6 pages total)
3. be double spaced, 12 font, appropriately margined.
4. contain a minimum of ONE (1) map and ONE (1) illustration or a combination of two.
5. include references which are required to be appropriately cited.  Wikipedia is not considered a reliable source.
6. be focused on Human/Cultural themes, not merely a historical rendition of the event(s).
NOTE: the ‘grace period’ DOES NOT apply to Research Essays.
Research Essay #2: Crime vs Punishment — Due: 29 Nov
Anders Behring Breivik, a right-wing extremist, was responsible for the deaths of 77 people in Norway in July 2011. He sued the Norwegian government after his arrest and imprisonment for having violated his human rights. An Oslo district court ruled that the Norwegian government did indeed violate Breivik’s rights as they breached an article prohibiting degrading treatment of prisoners under he European Convention on Human Rights. The ruling cited that authorities did not give enough attention to Breivik’s mental health when determining his conditions in prison. The court ordered the Norwegian government to pay Breivik’s legal costs of $41,000 (331,000 kroner).

During his 2011 killing spree, Breivik detonated a bomb in Oslo and then went on a shooting spree on a nearby island in which dozens of teenagers at a camp were killed. Breivik claimed during his initial trial in 2012 that he was “a military commander in the Norwegian resistance movement and the Knights Templar Norway.” His attacks were aimed at stopping the spread of multiculturalism and Muslim immigration into the country.

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Anders Behring Breivik was sentenced to 26 years in prison!!

Include in your Essay, your discoveries about:

1. He received a sentence of 26 years for a bombing in the capital city and a shooting rampage in which 77 young adults were killed.  What would he have received in the United States for a similar event?

2. With what you have learned about crime and punishment in this course, explore the differences in substance and theory between the US criminal justice system and that of Norway.  Why such a disparity of thought?

3. Explicitly answer the question: “Anders Behring Brevik received a prison term of 26 years — was justice served??”


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