Analysis Presentation Project: This course is intended to prepare you both to handle the cultural aspects of your own international work assignments and to be able to provide orientation for other business people who expect to work outside their home country. The country analysis  requires you to prepare a  paper that could be used as an orientation program for such business people and recommend in-country resources, such as local business associations or government resources from which further help can be obtained.

Select a country (BRASIL). Research and present the following: Ethics issues that U.S. companies should know when doing business in that country (BRASIL).

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The group must conclude with a statement and rationale of whether or not a US company should do business in that country at this time and the rationale for why or why not.

Do not focus on economics, geography, history, or marketing issues except as they very directly relate to the topics of the course (e.g., labor union history, regional differences in business practices, trade agreements, economic situation affecting education and labor availability).
Must use at least four credible reference sources minimum (Wikipedia is NOT acceptable as a source) other than the text book which can be verified by the instructor.  Four references in writing using APA style to the professor at the beginning time of the presentation.

The literature search could include but not be limited to the following sources:
1.    A search of articles about business in the nation of interest from recent years in Fortune,
2.    The Business Monday section of the Miami Herald, The Economist,
3.    The Wall Street Journal, or the business section of the New York Times or Business Week magazine,
4.    Business-related information provided by the embassy, consul-general, or a chamber of commerce representing the nation of interest,
5.    A traditional library search for books and journals related to doing business in the nation of interest,
6.    Internet sources are not recommended or at least kept to a minimum of two.
7.    An interview with a business person having experience in the nation of interest.

The final presentation must include all of the topics as outlined.  It must show research and analysis. Professional slides using PPT
1.    Tell a cohesive story about the country and your analysis
2.    Each slide will have a voice over where the person identifies themselves and speaks to the slide. DO NOT read the slide or both of us will die of boredom.  Tell why the slide is critical to the story and speak up!  Make us both believe what you are saying.
3.    Introductions and conclusions should be bullet points of KEY points that convince me of what you are saying and tells me why it is important.
4.    Citation slide showing what was used by whom

“A” work shows a clear story, reveals research and makes key points.  It is spoken to and not read to me.  It shows interest and excitement about what you learned.  It gives evidence that you have learned something you plan to us.

POOR work is reading the slides and showing no interest or evidence of learning beyond the text book.


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